The Adam Gyorgy Foundation

    The roots of the foundation go back to 2006, when Adam gave master classes in Asia. He experienced incredible musical talent in extreme conditions. As Adam received so much help in his young age, he decided to give back and create his Academy in his home country Hungary, inviting all these talents from around the world.

    He provided scholarship to these young pianists to support their education and announced the The Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy to his friends to come along and experience the development of the students.

    The Adam Gyorgy Castle Academy begun in the summer of 2009, in Adam’s home town Pomaz. The friendship community immediately took shape around the spirit of the Academy, calling more and more people on board supporting Adam’s vision.

    The 2009 debut was followed by an even more successful reunion in 2010, which confirmed the values of Adam’s vision and expanded the network of people supporting the Academy.

    Today the Academy is not only a world class professional gathering of top professors and students, but already a tradition and a desire of talented students to attend and improve their musical skills.

    The group of participants is expanding rapidly. Every year, active and passive participants  return from around the world with excitement in their hearts.

    The friendship community produced multiple events to support the Academy from Jakarta, through Singapore, to New York.

    The Academy inspired this community to create The Adam Gyorgy Foundation to support music education around the world, as well as helping talented students to participate the Academy.


The History of The Adam Gyorgy Foundation