2008-10-18 09:26:39


Hi I am the guy who talked to you in the intermission just now.(Your performance at Singapore Victoria Concert hall) Your Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 and Ballade No. 1 was just fantastic! Remember you promised to come back next year to Singapore! Anyway, here are some pieces I would hope to hear next time; Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 12 Sonata S178 in B Minor Chopin Fantasie Op 49 in F Minor Scherzo No. 2 Schumann Humoreske Beethoven Appassionata Sonata in F Minor Of course not making a request that you must play them, just hoping you would =) Hardly can find any other pianists to play them for me. Will be looking out for your next performance in Singapore! See you soon!

2008-10-18 09:25:19

Joseph Aglus

Adam, I have heard your music while driving with your friend Andras. Andras often drives us from Vienna to Zala. I am from the US (New Jersey) and I%u2019m managing a large project in Zala which brings me to Hungary often. I will try to see your New York city concert in October. Joe

2008-10-18 09:24:53


Adam; Music has a past, a present and a future. I sat in the recital hall listening to music from the past that lived in such a way as I have rarely heard. As you continue to play with such honesty, integrity and incredible skill your music will surely continue to live into the future of all. Thank you for what you gave...and have a good job! Sincerely, Emily Van Dyken

2008-10-18 09:24:34


Dear adam, I hope you are very well now... Take my best wishes to your brorher! With great surprise and pleasure ,I received your e-mail,yesterday .The day before yesterday ,I was not vary happy for some reasons . But when I saw your E-mial ,I cheered up at once. I think you are a sincere and lovely boy!Because of 3 concerts before Christmas Day in Kunming, so I am very buzy nowadays. What about you ? If you freetied.please take a rest! I like your music! come on ! Your music is a diffrent type of public music.I feel that your music colour is blue and purple.I like music very much! Music is my life ! Now, I must work hard.because I am a student.My school is China music college in Beijing! My major is sing song education.My moteher is a music teacher,so she wants me to be good music teacher too! My dream is traveling the wolrd! This is very wendful! I love my mortherland,very much,and I also want to expand my horizons of thinking ,so I am interested in other country%u2019s culture.Can you tell me something about your country? And can you tell me your address? If you are sad! please remember my smile. If you happy.please forget me!!! Write as ofen as you can ,for i am looking forward to watching your each letter! Again whit my thanks!All my best wishes for the future. Your Friend;Angeli

2008-10-18 09:24:08


Adam, I met you last year at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia (school of Dr. Roger McVey). We talked in the computer lab about your improvisation on "You know better than I." I%u2019m in Japan this year teaching English. I brought your cd along and enjoyed it last night. The melody of your improvisation was in my head all day today. Please record more of your own ideas. Congratulations on your recent travels and concerts. Take care, Rachel

2008-10-18 09:23:54

Rachel WIlder

Hey Adam, I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did while you were in Idaho, for the wonderful concert and masterclass and for working with me in my lesson. You are a complete inspiration and we were very blessed to have you. Thank you, Rachel