2008-10-18 09:28:49


Hi Adam, I just wanted to tell you that everyone who watched you play in Bali was enchanted. Thank you so much for stopping by in Bali,presenting us with your fine play. I took my family to come to your concert and they were really amazed by your talent.We really enjoyed it. Watching you play motivate me to be more serious practicing piano. Your concert was really something that I would always remember. Thank you very much for sending the picture ;) Wish you all the best, Ingrid

2008-10-18 09:28:33


hi adam... just dropped by to tell you (once again) that you are an extremely talented piano player and you make music sound like angels singing!! = ) i was watching you play on your concert in Bali..thanks for giving us the chance to listen to such beautiful music!!and thanks a bunch for sending me the pic! hope you enjoy the rest of your tour..and wishing u all the best in the future...take care! -NaDia

2008-10-18 09:28:16


Hi Adam, This is Mirsham from Malaysia. Thank you for coming to the dinner and playing for us....Hope to see you again! P.S.thanks for the photos!

2008-10-18 09:27:57


hi adam, thanks for attending my parents dinner on saturday 4th November and playing for all of us! we really apreciated the photos you sent us!! hope to keep in touch! regards Marissa ;) xx

2008-10-18 09:27:34

Felicia Sukijung

Dear Adam, Yesterday%u2019s concert (Singapore, 7 November %u201806) was attended with considerably excitement. I love the way you handle so much beauty in one moment. You controlled pianissimo murmurings beautifully, creating a miraculous atmosphere with absolute lyricism. It was extremely refreshing to hear such a fine playing. I would like to thank you for the wonderful things that you have taught me during the masterclass. Although it was a short session, I really learnt a lot. Everybody likes a compliment, but when it comes from a great pianist like you really make me feel at the top of the world. Music exists to be shared. Thank you for sharing your music with us. I am looking forward to seeing you again in the future and hopefully can work with you again in my lesson. I wish you all the best in the world tour. Have a resounding performance wherever you go. God bless you. Best regards, Felicia Sukijung

2008-10-18 09:27:07

jian rong

hello! my friend and i were the first 2 girls to go backstage to get your autograph at the end of your concert at victoria concert hall just now. we just wanted to tell you your playing was entirely superb! we were captivated the whole concert and we really hope you%u2019ll come again to perform next year! ;DD are your cds sold in singapore too? i bought ur "adam gyorgy plays the piano" and i must say again your playing is really really good. ((; all the best in your future endeavours!