2015-01-17 01:33:04

Evandro dos Santos Matozo

Hello! My best wishes for you! God bless you, your life, your family and friends and, of course, your music and talent! You are a source of inspiration! When will you come to Brazil? I hope very soon! Take care!

2014-11-16 20:55:17


please come to Italy one day

2014-10-05 10:18:55



2014-10-05 10:17:52


Hi you are absolutley have an amazing talent but I will play someday Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 and i will be the best player of piano

2014-08-09 02:10:31

Samuel J. Hardman

Your piano work is absolutely splendid and a great pleasure to me. All good wishes for you and your future work. Samuel of Georgia

2014-08-03 21:04:12


Hi Adam Your talents give so many people so much pleasure and it is so inspiring to watch you play. When are you planning to come and perform in the UK? With all best wishes, Paul.