• A Day in New York - DVD

    Adam Gyorgy released his concert recording of his own composition "A Day in New York" which is now available in his online store. 

  • ADAM GYORGY plays Liszt, Bach and Mozart

    Adam Gyorgy Plays Liszt, Bach and Mozart is a sparkling sixty-two minute collection of classical solo piano music presented by Adam Gyorgy, a young pianist from Hungary who has been establishing himself as an international superstar in the world of classical performance and recording.

  • The Carnegie Hall Concert

    Adam Gyorgy Celebrated his 30th birthday with almost 3000 fans from all over the world in New York City's iconic Carnegie Hall. 

  • Adam Gyorgy plays Bach and Mozart

    Listen to the rarely recorded Bach Partita No. 5 with a fantastic Gigue and Adam's other stylish performances or Mozart's famous 330 Sonata.

  • Adam Gyorgy Plays the Piano

    One of Adam's early CDs, where he was looking for his favorite repetoire, still working on his sounds and young virtuosity. Rarely played Prokofiev Scherzo's live recording is available on this release among other popular tunes.